About Our Service

Centre Hours

Monday to Friday  6:30am to 6 pm. 
We are closed during Public Holidays. 
We close for a two week period over the Christmas/New Year break:  

Our Learning Environments

  • BELONGING ROOM - Babies (0 to 2 years)
  • BEING ROOM - Toddlers (2 to 3 years)
  • BECOMING ROOM - Cribb Kindy (3 to 5 years)


We invite families to come and visit the centre, meet the Educators, and make yourself familiar with the centre prior to your child’s commencement. This assists you and your children to feel more at ease and comfortable, knowing the environment that they will be spending their days in. Families who are enrolling their children at Cribb Street Childcare/Kindergarten will be required to contact the centre and place their name on the ‘Waiting List’. This should be done (preferably) in person by visiting the centre and filling out the necessary form this can also be done via email to earlylearning@cribbstreetchildcare.com.au

Unborn babies can also be placed on the waiting list once an estimated date of birth can be provided.

★ Click here to APPLY ONLINE NOW!

★ Click here for our Waiting List Application Form (Pdf)


Starting at a new childcare centre is at times overwhelming with new information, procedures and settling your child into a new environment. Families will be encouraged to spend as much time as possible with their child at the centre discussing information about them and their routines with Educators. This gives the child a chance to familiarise him/herself with the setting whilst having someone familiar by their side. We encourage families to contact the centre at any time to check on their child and how their day is progressing. Families are also welcome to visit at any time of the day, without prior notice. If you feel your child is having difficulty settling into the centre, please feel free to discuss this with Educators in your child’s room or the Centre Manager.

Further information is provided to families in the centre’s enrolment pack to aid in the transition and settling process.


Daily fees for all age groups: $130 per day 


A $250 bond per family is to be paid on commencment of care and is refundable at end of care.

Maintenance Levy

A $100.00 maintenance levy is charged once a year to each family, in June. With this Fee, one "Cribb Street Childcare" Shirt is given per child enrolled.

This fee is refunded if families are able to volunteer at our 2 organised working Bee’s each year.

Sun Safe Levy

A Sun Safe Levy is a $20 fee charged in February to provide natural suncrean and a labelled "Cribb Street Child Care" Hat each year.

Childcare Subsidy:

Cribb Street Childcare Centre is an approved childcare service.  Where eligible, this subsidy is paid directly to your childcare provider (Cribb Street Child Care) to reduce the fees you pay.  The amount of Childcare Subsidy you receive depends on your circumstances.

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Management Committee

Cribb Street Childcare Centre is an incorporated, not for profit organisation. We have an elected Management Committee consisting of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and auxiliary members. The Committee holds general meetings on a quarterly basis and are advertised on our closed Families Facebook page. Parent contribution is considered vital to the effective management of the Centre and the committee welcomes open parent communication and feedback. Enrolment at the centre provides automatic membership to both parents as ordinary members of the association.

Cribb Street Centre Manager

My name is Miss Holly, I am 29 years old I have 11 years of Early Childhood experience and a driven, motivative personality, I have a passion for the industry childcare industry and knew this from an early age.

I am the oldest of 4 girls and naturally, I grew up building leadership skills and being nurturing. Growing up my family did a lot of ‘on the road traveling.’ I have travelled all around Australia, meeting different people and experiencing many different cultures. This had a huge impact on my life, influencing me and giving the acceptance I have today.

I love doing new and different things every single day, I love art, painting and all things creative. I also enjoy the outdoors and doing many different activity’s.


I hold a Diploma in Early Education and an Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management

My Personal Philosophy

My aim as a Centre Manager is to provide a caring, loving and safe environment that is welcoming, warm and exciting to walk into every day. An environment which children, parents and family’s feel secure, supported and comfortable to aproach our educators. Family input is vital to help develop our room programs around the children and feedback is always encouraged to help build a positive relationship between our staff and the children.

All children are individual, and I believe should be given choices, responsibilities and opportunities to enrich their own learning. I aim to empower children to make considered risks, cope with the outcomes and take responsibility for the choices they make.

I aim to implement an educational program that promotes each child’s interests, learning, culture and development individually through play and interactions.

I believe that through nature-based learning children can explore risk, learn independence, acknowledge different ways of living and learn from the land. I feel that this is important to our children of today to build their imagination and adapt to the unexpected in a secure environment. Building resilience is a very important quality I guide children to achieve.

I also believe that children should be supported in their biggest triumphs and when in moments of defeat. Building confidence in young children has many benefits to their learning and to their lives.