Being - Toddlers Room

Age Group:

The Being (Toddler) Room caters for children aged from 2 -3 years. While in the Being Room the children are encouraged to express and develop their independence in all areas and also respect for their peers and Educators.

What to bring/provide:

 What you need to bring each day for your child while with us 

  • Nappies 6-8 unless toilet trained
  • Standard size cot sheets for rest time in a sheet bag or pillow case
  • Comfort toy for sleep time if required.
  • 3 sets of clothing - tee-shirts, shorts, pants, undies (please send more if toilet training)  please ensure shirts have sleeves
  • Vest coat for cooler weather
  • Family photo. We can print one at the centre if emailed to us.
  • Bucket hats are provided for all children.

Room Philosophy:

We as educators believe in creating a fun, safe, and secure environment for the children to freely explore their surroundings. We also believe in helping children to be respectful to themselves, peers, and their environment. We believe that each child is an individual and encourage the development of each child’s individuality in all learning areas. As educators we believe that by working with parents, Educators and the wider community we will provide a respectful, diverse and culturally beneficial program for your children.